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Enjoy the ultimate cup of tea with the Perfect Tea Maker


Whether you enjoy savouring the taste of high quality tea or whether you know someone who is a lover of fine tea, having the perfect tools to produce the ideal cuppa can boost your chances of getting the ultimate tea refreshment. With the Perfect Tea Maker you can enjoy tea the way it was meant to be drunk – pure, indulgent and bursting with flavour.

Treat your taste buds with the Perfect Tea Maker

The Perfect Tea Maker enables you to really treat your taste buds, as the tea that is dispensed when you use this tea ware is pure and fresh, so you get to savour the perfect cup of tea every time. If rich, freshly steeped tea is something that you would like to enjoy on a regular basis then this is the perfect tool for your needs.

Advantages of Using the Perfect Tea Maker with Loose Leaf Tea

Why drink loose leaf tea over the bagged tea bags you find in a grocery store? As anyone who has enjoyed a cup of perfectly brewed loose leaf tea can attest to, the drinking experience is far superior to the bitter and bland teas most people have experience with. Many people are unaware of how to properly brew and steep loose leaf tea so they simply stick to the cheaper, inferior versions. Brewing loose leaf tea is made easier with the Perfect Tea Maker from Zhi Tea.

How to Use the Perfect Tea Maker

To use the Perfect Tea Maker, one simply puts the desired amount of loose leaf tea and the correct temperature of hot water into the Perfect Tea Maker. Then allow the tea to steep for the recommended time, depending on your tea, then simply place the Perfect Tea Maker over a mug and the tea will release. Learn more about recommended water temperature and steeping time at Zhi Tea.