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Can I purchase loose-leaf Oolong Tea?


We offer several different varieties of loose-leaf oolong tea for your brewing pleasure.  You can choose anything from an aged bamboo oolong to a Wuyi Oolong that offers you a taste of the mountains in China.  No matter which type of oolong you choose, you will be able to enjoy cup after cup of this fragrant tea.  We even offer a video on how to blend the perfect cup using the ancient methods of tea preparation.

How do you prepare Oolong Tea?

The first step to preparing oolong tea is to get your water at the correct temperature.  The water should be at 200 degrees and you should be careful not to over boil the water.  This raises the temperature, which could burn the leaves and give you a bitter tasting cup.  You add one teaspoon of tea to a 12-ounce cup and let it steep for 3 to 4 minutes.  Remove the leaves before service to stop the steeping process, but do not throw them away.  They can be used two to three times, each time revealing a different flavor from the leaves.

Advantages of Using the Perfect Tea Maker with Loose Leaf Tea

Why drink loose leaf tea over the bagged tea bags you find in a grocery store? As anyone who has enjoyed a cup of perfectly brewed loose leaf tea can attest to, the drinking experience is far superior to the bitter and bland teas most people have experience with. Many people are unaware of how to properly brew and steep loose leaf tea so they simply stick to the cheaper, inferior versions. Brewing loose leaf tea is made easier with the Perfect Tea Maker from Zhi Tea.

How to Use the Perfect Tea Maker

To use the Perfect Tea Maker, one simply puts the desired amount of loose leaf tea and the correct temperature of hot water into the Perfect Tea Maker. Then allow the tea to steep for the recommended time, depending on your tea, then simply place the Perfect Tea Maker over a mug and the tea will release. Learn more about recommended water temperature and steeping time at Zhi Tea.