Gift Cards and Subscriptions

Trying to find that perfect gift but not quite sure what to choose?

Our gift cards are just the thing. With a gift card, your favorite tea lover can decide for themselves and you are still the hero.

We offer physical gift cards for use in-store only at our shop here in Austin, and our E-Gift card (the most versatile choice) which can be used in our shop and on our website.

You might also consider the gift of a Tea Club subscription, an excellent gift for your favorite tea lover.

For 6 months or a year, you can have us send a new tea every month, curated by our staff, to delight someone with a recurring tasty surprise.
Tea Club subscriptions will focus on a specific category of tea:
Black Teas
Exotic Teas
Green Teas
Herbal Teas
Iced Teas
Oolong Teas
White Teas
Teas in Sachets (tea bags)

tea gift ideas

E-Gift Certificate

$ 25.00 - $ 250.00

tea gift ideas

Gift Card For In-Store Only (Austin)

$ 25.00 - $ 100.00

silky single sachets

Silky Sachet Tea Subscription

$ 80.00 - $ 150.00

tea gift ideas

Exotic Tea Subscription

$ 135.00 - $ 265.00

black tea

Black Tea Subscription

$ 155.00 - $ 305.00

herbal tea

Herbal Tea Subscription

$ 135.00 - $ 270.00

green tea

Green Tea Subscription

$ 135.00 - $ 265.00

white tea

White Tea Subscription

$ 110.00 - $ 205.00

oolong tea

Oolong Tea Subscription

$ 135.00 - $ 270.00

tea gift ideas

Iced Tea Subscription

$ 85.00