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13 Reasons to Give Tea

This year, go beyond the bottle and the bean. Your loved ones probably have plenty of coffee, wine and whiskey. When considering your gift giving options, think of Zhi Tea! With so many tea types and flavor profiles, there truly is something for everyone.

Ultra-premium organic tea is a ‘must have’ in every home and a thoughtful luxury gift. You’ll be glad to know that such a sexy, decadent boutique item is also good for you. When debating between your specialty beverage gifts this holiday, consider tea!

Tea has been shown to fight free radicals, benefit smokers and those with diabetes, and help with endurance. For thirteen wonderful reasons to drink tea, please find an article from Time Magazine here.

Please note: not all tea is created equal!

As always, Dr. Oolong recommends making sure your tea is organic, GMO-free, with no artificial flavors.

Who do you know who would enjoy tea?

Green Tea Gifts – Perfect for You!

Green Tea Gifts – Perfect for You!

Who says that you can’t buy green tea gifts for yourself? Is it only acceptable to buy a gift basket or enroll someone else in a tea club for a special occasion? Don’t you deserve to do something healthy and enjoyable just for you? If you are looking at the beautiful variety of green tea we have available here at Zhi Tea and feeling a little guilty that you want to order yourself something, you can join the club. You may be surprised at how many people come here shopping for someone else but end up buying for themselves instead.

Buy Green Tea Gifts for Someone Else and Add a Club for You

Zhi Tea can essentially be your one-stop shopping place for everyone in your life. When you are buying green tea gifts for someone else, why not add a monthly club for yourself to enjoy?

You can choose a six- or 12-month cycle, and every month you receive a new tin with a different flavor. These are not tiny servings either; our tin holds as many as 50 cups of tea. Just a few of the mouthwatering flavors you may get to enjoy include Moroccan Mint, Jasmine Green, and Cherry Sencha. Just imagine how much you will enjoy that satisfying cup of tea after a long hard day. It is better than dessert, and better for you!

Tea Gift Baskets – Perfect for Anyone on Your Gift-Giving List

Do you have someone in your life that you have the hardest time shopping for? Chances are good that if you are like many others, you have at least five people who leave you stumped when their birthday or a holiday comes around. What do you buy someone who has it all? You could give an expensive bottle of wine, but then the gift is gone in one night, and they probably had to share too! Well, why not opt for tea gift baskets?

Why Gift Tea Gift Baskets Are Great Gifts

  • Can’t Go Wrong – Tea gift baskets will be loved by nearly anyone! If the person you are shopping for is already a tea drinker, they will appreciate the quality of Zhi Tea leaves. If they have never indulged in a cup of quality tea in their life, it will only take one sip for them to realize they have been truly missing out.
  • Long-Lasting – A tea basket will last for a while. The great thing about this is that every time they have a cup, they will think of you.
  • Thoughtful – Anyone can buy a gift certificate or flowers; ordering a basket shows that you actually put some thought into the gift, which means a lot!
  • Healthy – Tea is good for you! Why not give something that will contribute to their overall well-being?


Green tea gifts are perfect no matter what the occasion

Trying to find different gifts to suit different occasions can be a task and a half for some people, particularly for someone who already has most of the things that they need. However, if the person you are buying for is a keen tea drinker, you will find one type of gift that is perfect no matter what the occasion. Green tea gifts will be appreciated by any lover of fine teas and can be presented for all sorts of occasions.

Present someone special with practical and delicious green tea gifts

It’s always nice to give someone a gift that they will really use and appreciate, which is where green tea gifts can prove ideal. These gifts are perfect for lovers of fine, refined tea, and they will offer practical benefits as well as represent thoughtfulness on your part, as it shows that you looked for something that the recipient would enjoy and find useful.

Choosing the right gifts for tea lovers

A lot of people these days tend to think of specialist gifts for special people in their lives. With this in mind, a great idea to buy those who love their tea would be, of course, tea related gifts. There are some great gifts for tea lovers available these days, which means that you will be able to buy a tailored, specialist gift that the recipient is certain to be delighted with. All you have to do is work out which of the tea related gifts will best suit the tastes and preferences of the person you are buying for.

Find all sorts of great gifts for tea lovers at Zhi Tea

At Zhi Tea you will find a huge range of fabulous gifts for tea lovers, so you find something to suit the needs of the recipient perfectly. You can choose from high quality tea ware that is perfect for the kitchen of any tea lover, tea club memberships for fresh supplies of unique teas, and even beautifully presented gift baskets packed with tea related delights.

Choose from a range of exciting tea gifts for those who appreciate fine tea

Buying gifts for people isn’t always easy, as many of us have come to realise over the years. However, if you know someone who appreciates fine tea, then your task just got a lot simpler! You will find some wonderful tea gifts available on the market these days, with all sorts of delights designed to tantalize the taste buds of tea lovers.

Enjoy the Zhi Tea range of delightful tea gifts

At Zhi Tea you will find a variety of delightful tea gifts that have been designed to not only look great in terms of presentation but also to delight anyone who loves their tea. You can treat someone special to the chance to try out new and unique teas, kit out their kitchen with some great tea ware, or even present them with a beautiful gifts basket packed with wonderful tea related goodies.