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Haute Tea! Fashionably Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea MonthHow do you take your tea, my dear?

Black? Green? With sugar or honey?

This January, in the height of winter, we’ll take ours hot, with a sigh, a gluten free macaroon, and a steaming tea cup of decadence.

January is National Hot Tea Month. Last year, Dr. Oolong suggested many great ways to Pause, Reflect, Connect over this tea holiday. This year, the girls at Zhi Tea have their own ideas! Lady GABA and the Ginger Peach want to celebrate “Haute Tea Month.”

All January, we’ll be drinking hot tea, reading fashion magazines and gushing over the gourgeousness found on Tea and Fashion’s tumblr account.

In this elevated state of luxury, one wonders why we ever started to ice this drink at all.  Pinkies up!

Monday Mashup: High Kick

high kick teaFor a spark of energy at the start of February, we whipped up a pot of our newly invented brew that we’re calling High Kick. This mix of  Zhi Tea’s yerba mate and ginger and lime green rooibos offers grassy notes and intensity from the yerba that complement the bold, bright and citrusy rooibos, resulting in a refreshing beverage. 

Although we tried our concoction piping hot, we think it’d be just as delicious iced for the summer months. Try it straight or add a dash of agave nectar for a sweeter treat. Either way, we’re confident this Monday Mashup will entice your senses and delight your tastebuds.

How to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

Pinkies up, tea lovers!

While Zhi nevers need an official reason to steep a cup of tea, January is National Hot Tea Month. After holiday indulgences, the wintery new year is the perfect time to elevate our tea appreciation. How will you celebrate?

Here are Dr. Oolong’s suggestions to Pause, Reflect, Connect:

1) Choose a theme. This is easy and fun. Like yoga, or meditation, ask yourself what you want to align with. Do you want to simplify and relax? Are you wanting energy and focus? Are you seeking beauty and passion? There is a tea for every personality and pursuit. Explore them all!

2) Choose your teaware. Let this holiday be the right time to gift yourself your perfect tea tools. Do you like tea on the go? In the office? At home at the table or in bed? Once you know what you like, you’ll know what you need. At minimal costs, one could find the accessories to complement and fully customize your tea experiences. Make it “you!”

3) Choose your tea. Ancient Forest. Blood Orange. Silver Needle. Tropical Green. No matter what your desire, there is a tea waiting for you. All of Zhi’s teas are organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, and pesticide-free. Always.

4) Choose your guests. Whom do you want to share your moment with? Host a tea party or Afternoon Tea for a group of friends. Prefer one-on-ones? Tea for two is always a treat. Don’t forget to treat yourself. A solitary tea party is always a delightful way to romance your Self.

Savor the Season with Organic Autumn Tea!

Ready, set, steep!  It’s time think about hot tea. Let Zhi and the fall harvests guide your tea experience this season. Complement your favorite recipes with the very best tea in the world. Zhi’s teas satisfy even the most distinguished palates and will have them coming back for more!

Cinnamon: Always popular, this spice not only tastes good, but is good for you! Zhi’s Kenya Chai is bold enough to be the main flavor when paired with your pancakes, coffee cake and creme brule. It’s also perfect alongside vanilla and coconut-based treats.

Cloves: Spicy, aromatic and sensual. Simply brewing a batch of our  Turkish Spice Mint changes the mood in one’s home or cafe. Delight is in the air! A bit spicy, a tad sweet. Pairs great with chocolate, citrus, lamb and roasts.

Apple: Redefine your pies, breads and salads. Zhi’s Blood Orange (with apple bits!)  is a colorful and bold way to accent your apple notes even more. Hint: Berry Hibiscus easily stains your apples! Be playful with pink slices of the year’s best bushels.

Pumpkin: The warm, amber qualities of Zhi’s Vanilla Honeybush parallels pumpkin’s sweet, sunny notes. Choose a malty  Assam or smokey Pu erh to compliment your traditional squash and brown sugar recipies.

Nuts:  Complement familiar recipes with toasted, nutty teas like our Red Rooibos. Plus, our Raspberry Pecan Rooibos is a friend to every holiday pie!