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Monday Mashup! The Geisha’s Kiss

Good day, tea lovers!

Needing a boost in your tea routine?

Let us help you fall in love again with a brand new tea combo.

This Monday Mashup combines two of our favorite organic Zhi Teas: the romantic Cherry Sencha and feminine Jasmine Green.

Take a deep breath…and get ready. You may never be the same.

To make your lovely cup of iced tea, scoop 1 tsp of Cherry Sencha and 1 tsp of Jasmine Green into your Perfect Tea Maker. Then, pour 6 oz of hot water over the dry leaves. Take a big breath and relax. Steep for 3 minutes. Be sure to breathe in the incredible aromatics of this green tea combination.

While its steeping, find a large cup and fill with ice. When the timer goes off, pour another 6 oz of cold water into the tea maker. Dispense your steeped tea into your cup, over the ice. Stir to chill and combine. Take another deep breath…now sigh. Your iced tea is ready to enjoy.

What other kinds of green tea combinations should we try?

Tea Review: Royal Gold by SororiteaSisters

Royal Gold TeaDid you know there are over 1,500 tea varieties?

Choosing what teas to share with our customers is not an easy task.

Plus, each type of tea often has several varieties within its own category. For example, there are countless sources and grades of Jasmine Green. To find the perfect tea of every type, Zhi cups numerous samples from different tea farms to bring you only the very best.

Currently, we’re truly in love with a rare yellow tipped black tea, Royal Gold.  These velvety, copper leaves yield a sweet ruby cup with notes of tobacco and honeysuckle. If you’re looking for a new black tea to enjoy, we strongly suggest this unique flavor.

While we often boast of our growers’ talents, we love when others do too. Here is a review from one of our favorite tea websites, SororiteaSisters, where they share their experience with Zhi’s Royal Gold. They give it rave review and we hope you do too!

*Don’t forget! You can review every Zhi tea you try on our website and Steepster.com