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Thank you! Zhi honored in ‘Best of Austin’ Awards

Best of Austin 2014Our tearoom is in a flurry of delight! Kettles are whistling, tea cups clinking, tea leaves curling and unfurling.

This is a usual state of affairs at Zhi Tea, but today, it’s in response to a very special gift. Zhi Tea has been named a “Best of Austin” establishment by the Austin Chronicle. Yee haw!

Every year, the Austin Chronicle allows their readers to vote on their favorite local icons ranging from ‘Best Boot Scuffed Dancefloor’ to ‘Best Barbecue.’ They also invite their team of critics to pick their ultimate finds in categories like ‘Arts & Culture’ and ‘Recreation.’ Being chosen in any category is a true honor as it is an opportunity to feel the local love.

This year, Zhi Tea was included in the Food Section of the Critics’ Picks. Our category: “Best Way to Take Back the Tea Party.” We love the clever nod to current events as yes, we do want to take back tea from any possible stigma. Zhi Tea was founded on the effort to elevate tea culture in America.  Tea is amazing! Tea parties rule! Our passion for ultra premium organic tea is an opportunity to ‘be’ the tea culture. We pledge to keep Austin weird by staying enthused and appreciative of all our tea-freaks and tea-nerds, and sourcing the very best tea from around the world for them.

Many congratulations to the Austin Chronicle as well. This was their ultra special 25th Anniversary edition of their “Best of Austin” awards. And again, many thanks to everyone in Austin who makes this city such a great place to work, eat, live. And of course, drink tea.


Tea & Qi: a free event at Zhi Gallery

As you know, it’s about to get hot.
Did you know that tea can help you keep your cool?

Join Zhi for a free tea tasting & talk on the health benefits of tea from a Chinese medical perspective.

Tiffany Smith, L.Ac will speak on tea, its function as a Chinese herb, and common medical conditions that tea might address. Various teas will be served while we explore:

What is tea?
What tea is good for your skin?
What tea moves qi?
What tea is good for metabolism?

About Zhi Tea: Zhi Tea is an independent organic tea company based in Austin Tx that strives to elevate the American tea culture while celebrating ancient traditions. Founded in 2007, Zhi specializes in artisan oolongs and hand blended original signatures.

About Tiffany: Ms. Smith is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and a teacher of biomedical science at Texas Health & Science University. She maintains her own practice specializing in allergy treatment, pain and stress management, and wellness.

Note: Zhi is not trying to cure diseases, pretend we’re doctors, or tick off the FDA with this little event. We just love tea and are open to learning more and more about this miracle beverage. Consider this our full legal disclaimer xo

Many thanks to our friends at Tea Mag for including us on their calender.

See you soon, Austin!

Zhi Tea’s 5th Anniversary – Let the Celebration Begin!

Time flies when you’re drinking tea! Can you believe it’s already been five years since we opened Zhi Tea here in Austin and began the path toward becoming Texas’s premier source of premium, organic teas?

Of course, we could never have gotten to where we are today without the support of all our favorite tea lovers in Austin, Texas and around the world. So, we’re saying a big “thank you” to all of Zhi’s friends with a week of exciting events in honor of our 5 year anniversary.

To begin, we’re offering free shipping all week long (use the code ZT5), so all our out-of-town fans can participate in the festivities. Here at our tea tasting room, we’ll first be offering a blending workshop for guests to create their own fair trade organic tea mix with black, oolong, white, green, rooibos, and herbal tea options.

Next, we’ll have a day of totally free tea and an evening tea tasting, a tea cocktail party with local live music, a flower arranging tea extravaganza, and finally an Austin appreciation picnic chock full of tea-infused treats. That’s a whole lot of tea and free stuff – a couple of the nicest parts of life, as far as we’re concerned!

So if you’re in Austin, put on your party pants and head over to Zhi Tea’s tasting room. Everyone else, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite Zhi teas with free shipping online.