The Water Makes a Difference

Yes, it really does, as you can imagine. The folks at Zhi in Austin, Texas, enjoy our local spring water. We are fortunate to have natural spring water here in the hill country!

While it isn't always easy to obtain spring water from the source and some of us have made a lot of tea from tap water in the past, it is suggested to try and get the cleanest water you can. Don't let the lack of perfect water stop you from making a good pot of tea! (it is just that going from good to great is so much fun)

Finding water that works for you is trial and error like everything. Most of us have found distilled water to be too flat, lacking in the needed trace minerals that give water some of its flavor and body. But on the other hand, using water with too many minerals will create a metallic tasting tea.

FInd what is right for you. Luckily there are alot of options available these days. Brita filtered tap water is pretty darn good for tea, really...

Tip: Be careful not to overboil your water. It removes the oxygen and results in flat tasting tea.

Oh, and speaking of water...one of the many benefits of drinking tea is REHYDRATION!

Now, you sure don't get that with soda pop or coffee. Drink some tea today!