About the Tea

"Why did you pick the teas you have?"

Very, very carefuly. As there are more than 3000 types of tea, we had to narrow it down! Seriously, we wanted to have a robust, yet concise selection or the finest organics in each class. We have done alot of the work for you, through searching, tasting and testing, and it is our hope that you can find many teas here that appeal to you. We will always be adding more as we find gems that deserve to have the ZHI name.

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"Are your teas tested for organic purity?"

Rigorous standards for organic purity are paramount to us, so our teas undergo random testing at the warehouse and are tested at the source, the tea gardens themselves. As we only carry organic certified tea, there is no chance of non-organic contamination.

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"Do organic teas taste better than regular tea?"

Like all organic products, you generally get a better flavor profile than the non-organic version. With tea, however, just because it is not certified organic doesn't mean it is necessarily petro-sprayed like commercial food crops in the US. That said, we search for the highest-flavor, most gorgeous teas in their class. As more and more farms become certified we can continue to bring you the best the world has to offer - organically.

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"Why Zhi? Isn't there alot of tea out there?"

The world of specialty tea is growing fast and as such there are many providers out there to choose from. We feel that our combined experience in e-commerce, our customer service backgrounds, our mission to support organic, sustainable farming and Fair Trade practices, on top of our deep passion for tea makes us a top brand. We purchase our organic teas from the most respected tea estates and brokers worldwide, dealing only with sources who are capable of providing top quality organic teas. We are here to help you have outstanding tea experiences. Let us bring the world to you.

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"What is the best kind of tea?"

That all depends on what you mean by 'the best'. If you mean 'least likely to have chemical contamination', then oganic tea, for sure. If you mean 'health benefits' like anti-oxidants, then white tea, being the least processed of all the teas, would be 'the best'. But don't let that fool you into thinking black tea, for exmple, isn't good for you! All tea has a noteworthy amount of anti-oxidants and much, much less caffeine than coffee.

There also many grades of tea within each category and we pick the highest grades for you, always.

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