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Zhi Tea Super Summer Iced Tea Giveaway!

Get ready for Zhi Tea’s Super Summer Iced Tea Giveaway! It’s your chance to snag a whole bunch of premium organic tea goodness for free!

Every order in July is entered to win:

• One ForLife Mist cold-steeping iced tea filter jug

• Two 24oz. eco-friendly Zhi Tea to-go cups

• One each of our five iced tea kits. Every kit contains four 1oz. filter pouches.

Flavor Varieties: Cherry Sencha • Hibiscus Mint • Classic Black • Pure Peach • White Blueberry

$100 value! Includes free shipping. Winner will be notified August 1st.

08/01/12 UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Terry from Texas! Enjoy your iced tea and stay cool!


Green Tea Gifts Make Drinking Green Tea More Enjoyable

People have been drinking green tea and reaping the health benefits of green tea for thousands of years. You may have heard of the potential health benefits of drinking green tea and started drinking a cup or so a day. Unfortunately many who attempt to drink green tea for their health find the taste to be bitter and unpalatable. There are several solutions to this including drinking only loose leaf green tea, trying different varieties of green tea, and learning the proper brewing methods for green tea.

Green Tea Gifts: Variety and Teaware

Get yourself and your loved ones some green tea gifts to really begin reaping the health benefits of green tea while enjoying the taste. At Zhi Tea, you can choose from a wide selection of handpicked green teas as well as purchase useful green tea gifts including infusers, tea makers, tea spoons, tea timers, and everything else you’ll need to brew the perfect cup of green tea.