Menghai 7572 Ripe Pu-er

$ 35.00


Menghai 7572 Ripe Pu-er

Size : 250 grams

Harvest Time : Mid April

Introduction : Menghai 7572 ripe Pu-er tea is one of the most classic ripe Pu-erh products in Menghai factory, and regarded as the standard ripe Pu-er tea for tea drinkers or tasters to judge the quality of other ripe Pu-er tea. Golden tip buds are spread on the tea brick surface with main 7 grades of maocha inside. Medium fermentation, this allows the activity of the tea to change as time goes by. Mellow taste and long sweetness. If stored for at least 5 years, its age aroma appears and tea liquid becomes more smooth and soft.

The Ripe Pu-erh tea brick can produce tea infusion with a pleasant scent like sun-dried Chinese dates. The flavor is sweet and mildly fruity.

Flavor / Taste Note : Sweet, balanced, harmonious and mildly fruity