Tebi Serving Tray - Moso Bamboo - NEW!

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This Tebi Serving Tray is a dry style tray (no drainage) constructed of the same high quality moso bamboo found in all our Tebi trays. This beautifully crafted server features a unique calligraphy etching in its center with an ingrained border accent. A perfect size for serving two cups and a wonderful accent to your tea presentation. This serving tray measures 10.25" x 5.5" x .5"

Our Moso Bamboo Trays are crafted from Taiwan’s most prized mountain bamboo. These hardy bamboos can only be found on Taiwan’s central mountain chain between 2500ft to 4000ft in elevation. Only the finest bamboo of over six years old is chosen to be made into moso bamboo trays. Incorporating a laminate process so that the exquisite natural bamboo fiber patterns are preserved. These bamboo trays are a perfect match for any tea ceremony or just an afternoon cupping.

Tea trays are used for brewing tea in the traditional Chinese Gong Fu style translated as "tea with skill." The teapot, cups and other items used in the Gong Fu ceremony are rinsed, often more than once, in hot water or tea during the course of a gong fu tea service. The tray provides a platform for the tea service and keeps the water away from your table.

Tea trays are classified as "dry style" or "wet style." These terms define whether the tea tray is equipped with drainage or not. Most dry style tea trays are not equipped with drainage, which means it will need to wipe the water out occasionally during tea ceremony. However, it provides a simple and cleaner appearance.  For the tea trays equipped with drainage, a hose can be installed on the outlet and collect water. Drainage trays are more prevalent in Asian countries where people are used to pouring hot water or tea on their teapots. This process is called “teapot nurturing." Some clay teaware will have more luster and gloss by this process and become seasoned as it is used contributing to more complex flavors and of course the spirit of your past ceremonies.