Digital USB Rechargeable Tea Scale - NEW!!

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This portable digital scale is ideal for weighing out your high quality tea to give you the most precise and accurate weight for the perfect cup or pot of tea. It has an easy to read LCD screen display and can easily convert grams to ounces and ounces to pounds. Your reading is automatically locked when data is stable. It is also low power consumption and can automatically switch off when it is not in use and utilizes a  USB rechargeable battery. It also comes with a clear case that doubles as weighing trays.

1.Power On/Off
2.Weighing Units Conversion
4.Counting Features
5.Tare Weight

* Easy operation
* Easy-to-read LCD display
* Weighs in 6 different units: grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), pennyweight (dwt), carat (ct), grain (gn)
* Tare Function
* Low power alarm
* Auto off Function
* Carry sleeve included

Measuring Range: 500g
Resolution: 0.01g
Accuracy: 0.01g
Units: 6 species
Automatic shutdown time :180 seconds
Blue light display
Batteries: 2*AAA
6 Units selection: (g,oz,ozt,dwt,ct,gn)