Tebi Philosophy Zero Set - NEW!

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Designed by pottery master, Deng, Ding-Sou 鄧丁壽.

This set is elegant and asthetic, The teapot has three delicate feet that are seamlessly formed, extending from the base, they allow the teapot to sit delicately on any surface. Philosophy Zero takes a modern twist on a traditional handle by transforming the standard handle form into a fixed ridge across the surface. The handle is covered in a bamboo veneer embedded around the body and is neatly wrapped by bright red cords. The shape and size of the handle on the teapot fit perfectly into your hand, making it easy for even a beginner to serve tea. The pattern on the top of the knob comes from a type of gentianaceae flower which only grows in Taiwan, making this teapot something truly special.  

Philosophy Zero come as a set with two Tebí Choco Cups.

Teapot : 4.5 x 4 x 3.25; 5.5 fl oz ; 4.8 oz
Tea cup : 3 x 1.5;  1.5 fl oz : 2.4 oz