Herbal Tea

Herbal Tisanes, or herbal infusions, are a class by themselves. While not technically "tea", they are often referred to as “herbal tea,” and we use it interchangeably at times. These beverages come in an infinite variety of flavors and combinations. We create our blends with total satisfaction in mind--bursts of color, inviting essences, and outstanding flavor. Herbal tisanes make a great alternative to real tea to drink throughout the day—and at night!

Good herbal blends start with good ingredients; fresh, whole, well-balanced. We use top-grade organic ingredients, blended to exacting specifications for flavor and health benefits.

Most herbal tisanes are great taken straight, and, as such, you will derive the most health benefits from them. However, you might want to add a little honey to your chamomile, a little warm milk to your mate, or both milk (dairy or non) and sweetener (we suggest agave syrup) to you Kenya Chai for the full chai experience.

Herbal tisanes can take full boiling water and can steep a long steep time. Most, if not all, of our herbals can remain steeping as you drink without getting bitter. Many of them also provide a great second steep. See "Brew Tips & Health Benefits" on individual product pages for information about the properties of each tea.

So, what kind of herbal tisanes do we offer?

We created Restful Blend as a calming infusion utilizing the known relaxing properties of chamomile and tonic of licorice root. Restful Blend makes a great nighttime drink and is a very popular customer choice.

Sweet Desert Delight has been the most popular herbal tisane since day one at Zhi. It utilizes the amazing lightness and full flavor of Rooibos (also known as “Red Tea”) and copious amounts of coconut pieces, cinnamon, full star anise, and cacao bits. Did you know that rooibos has roughly forty times the antioxidants of green tea?

Another popular and unique blend, our Kenya Chai is also based on the famed Rooibos. Since we had already made three real-tea-based chai, it made sense to have a luscious chai that had no caffeine. This chai in particular makes an exceptional iced drink.