Golden Leaf Pu-erh Vol II : Enchanted Waters - Raw Spring 2016

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This authentic sheng pu-erh from Dehong County, Yunnan, China has been selected as Volume 2 in our limited edition series. It has been lovingly titled "Enchanted Waters" for it's purity, energetic qualities and refined taste. Spring 2016.

Zhi partnered with a dear friend of ours who has a company called Golden Leaf that produces esoteric goods of several kinds. Has amazing layered flavors, superb mouthfeel, and mellow energetic qualities.

An incredibly fantastic raw Pu-erh made from Wild Pu-erh tree leaves that have a dark purple color.  This Wild Tea is naturally dark in color, and is heavy in anti-oxidants and catechins.

Ye Sheng  varietal aka "Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze var. assamica (J. Masters) Kitam" is a primeval varietal that pre-dates Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica and is a naturally occurring non hybridized varietal. It's potency in cha qi arises from its unadulterated nature. It is naturally bug repellent, and grows wild in the forests of Yunnan at an altitude of 1600-2200 meters.

The quality of the leaves and the meticulous processing ensures excellent storage and aging potential. The infused liquor is bright and is almost completely without bitterness. There is strong full taste in the mouth and a warm stimulating feel in the mouth and body after drinking this tea.

2016 Raw (Sheng) Pu-erh 100 gram cake (3.5 oz)

Limited 300 pressing

Steeping Instructions:

Hint: Shorter steep time for more sweetness.

Gaiwan or Yi Xing Pot: (recommended) 

Put about 5g or 2 tsp buds into heated vessel;

Pour 200 degree water into vessel. Brew for 20 seconds for the first brewing, 10 for second, add about five seconds for each subsequent brewing.

Western Style:

One heaping tsp per 12 oz cup, or one Tbsp per 24 oz pot

205 degree water

Steep for 2-3 minutes or to taste. Should be steeped multiple times