Pure Peach Iced Tea LB

$ 47.95


Ingredients: Black tea*, peach* flavor


This is the same tea as the Pure Peach used in the Iced Tea Kits (here) but in pound size. If you enjoy traditional black iced teas, we are confident you will love our Pure Peach. 

Smooth, refreshing, with a splash of peach essence, this pure and simple iced tea will likely be your daily go-to tea this summer.

We take our organic Classic Black Iced Tea cut blend and blend in organic pure peach flavor extract to create a cool, refreshing, and aromatic iced tea that is sure to make your summer memorable.

Seriously simple and totally tantalizing.

This tea has a creamy, non-brisk mouthfeel designed for pure pleasure. Note that because it is not sweetened, it won't have that syrupy consistency a bottled peach tea would have, but feel free to sweeten to your taste!

Guzzle Factor = 10

Basic Steeping Tips
- Use filtered or spring water, whenever possible 
- Don't over-boil water
- Remove pouch after recommended time (adjust to taste)