Herbal Tea

Zhi herbal loose herbal blends will indulge your taste buds while providing you with a soothing luxury to your day or evening. With award-winning treats such as Sweet Desert Delight and Turkish Spice Mint, our selection of herbal teas will surely relax, rejuvenate, restore.

Comprised of entirely organic *certified at source* teas, herbs, flowers, and spices.

herbal tea

Turkish Spice Mint

$ 3.95 - $ 211.95

silky single sachets

Turkish Spice Mint - Silky Single Sachets

$ 11.95 - $ 64.95

herbal tea

Wildberry Rooibos Iced Tea Kit

$ 10.95

herbal tea

Wildberry Rooibos Iced Tea LB

$ 28.95

herbal tea

Yerba Maté

$ 3.95 - $ 34.95