Green Tea

Keeping it simple, healthy, and tasty with a seriously selective sampling of our favorite green teas is our green tea mission. Top-grade matcha, gyokuro, and other Japanese teas along with fantastic Chinese greens; Dragonwell, Cloud and Mist, and our unique and flavorful green tea blends, always hand blended in-house at Zhi.

All our green teas are certified organic at source. The blending ingredients we use are also certified organic at source.

tea gift ideas

Tea Room Organic Chocolate Bars

$ 5.00

green tea

Temple Gunpowder #1

$ 3.95 - $ 35.95

green tea

Tropical Green

$ 3.95 - $ 259.95

green tea

Tropical Green - Silky Single Sachets

$ 11.95 - $ 64.95

green tea

Tropical Green Iced Tea Kit

$ 14.95