Jasmine Green

$ 31.95


Ingredients: 100% Organic green loose tea leaves scented with jasmine blossoms

Our Jasmine Green loose leaf tea was chosen for its well-balanced flavors, long sweet finish, and clarity. Enjoyable hot and iced, this aromatic tea is great on its own, with honey, and good for multiple infusions.

Jasmine flowers are picked early in the day when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until nightfall. In the early evening when the flowers begin to open, the green tea is blended with the jasmine flowers and stored overnight. The night blooming jasmine flower then opens and releases their fragrance into the tea. It takes four or more hours for the tea to absorb the fragrance and flavor of the Jasmine blossoms, this process may be repeated for as many as six or seven times.

While some scented teas can be overwhelmingly floral, we feel that ours is perfectly matched so that the smell does not overpower the taste of the high quality green tea. This balance creates a round yet assertive cup full of the intoxicating scent of jasmine with the richness of the full leaf green tea.

Mild, easy to drink, can be resteeped.


Water: 185°F | Leaves: 2 tsp per 12 ounce cup | Infusion Time: 2-3 minutes

Basic Steeping Tips
-Avoid oversteeping. Two minutes is often enough. 
- Use filtered or spring water, whenever possible 
- Don’t over-boil water 
- Remove leaves after recommended time 
- If you want stronger tea, use more leaves instead of steeping for a longer time

Green tea has been shown to interfere with the DNA chain of bacteria, slowing the rate of infection at the very least and, in the best scenario, actually killing the bacteria. This also applies to the particular bacteria involved in tooth decay and the production of dental plaque. 

The history of Jasmine Green Tea goes way back to the third century, when the Persians brought the jasmine plant to China. However, it was only during the Song Dynasty (960-1270AD) that Jasmine Tea came into existence. It was not the tea itself that spread across the nation, but the medical properties of jasmine. It was commonly seen as a medicine used to cure various diseases and solve health problems in China. It has now become the most popular scented tea in the world.

Jasmine tea is made from green tea leaves that are scented with jasmine flowers. The flowers are grown at high elevations in mountainous Fujian Province in China. They are harvested in the spring and stored until early summer when the flowers are in bloom. The jasmine flowers are picked during the day and stored in a cool place until nightfall. After the flowers bloom at night, they are layered over the green tea leaves for four or more hours. This scenting process may repeat numerous times to allow the tea leaves to fully absorb the fragrance the tea leaves.