Tisane your mama's herbal tea May 22, 2020

The first question some people ask, other than, "what is a tisane" is "what's the difference between this and an herbal tea?

Well, in an attempt to quell any consternation you may have about this lovely libation I'll give you the quick sip.

Tisane is simply a synonym for herbal tea, or rather a steeped beverage absent the traditional tea plant for which it is eponymously named.

Tisanes are not actually "Tea" however, they play a major role in the tea world.

Since these decoctions are devoid of the traditional tea leaf (Camelia Sinesis) they rarely, with a few notable exceptions, have caffeine.

Much as there is a long illustrious history behind traditional tea, tisanes revel in their own antiquity dating back to much of the same geographic locales as traditional tea. In ancient China, tisane was referred to as liang cha or "cooling tea". This definition refers to a Chinese medicine concept steeped in the wisdom that the body needs a balance between "cool" and "hot" much akin to yin and yang.

At times the body may become more inflamed or hot based on what we ingest or how we are impacted by our daily lives and so counterbalancing this, enter tisane. Some tisanes like Snow Chrysanthemum are good for cooling the throat and others for the lungs, circulation, blood pressure, and much more. I'm not a real doctor so I encourage you to simply google any relevant studies for more information.

Tisanes can be categorized by the constituent of the plant they utilize i.e. Leaf, Fruit, Flower, Seed/Spice, etc.

Most often we see tisanes as a blend of these components, thus creating an amalgam of dynamic aromas, flavors, and textures.

The dramatic expression of these teas walks hand-in-hand with its intrinsically medicinal qualities. Many times, these herbal concoctions are inundated with naturally occurring antioxidants, nutrients, and other compounds known to improve one's overall health.

Whatever the reason for your affinity, tisanes can be a wonderful addition to your tea repertoire and enjoyed anytime and for any occasion!

This week in lieu of all the free time we have on our hands let's treat ourselves

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