The Matcha Abides, pt 1 - A Prep Talk April 09, 2020

As a near daily drinker of matcha, I'd like to share a couple of personal anecdotes, if I may.

All health benefits aside (and there are many), it really comes down to a couple things; the experience of preparing and drinking matcha itself, and the unique feeling afterwards.

Matcha is incredibly versatile as you can observe by simply looking up recipes on the internets. We keep it pretty simple around here. Let's discuss some matcha prep.

Let's talk about standard preparation first. What we're trying to attain in terms of the finished product is a frothy, creamy, aerated, cup or bowl (or shot!) of tea. So whisking in the classic sense, with a traditional bamboo whisk in a bowl, is one method. This is a great practice to develop and is part of the much larger Japanese tea ceremony. I do recommend attending a ceremony at some point as they are quite beautiful and meditative.

My personal favorite matcha prep method, these days, is shaken. Much like a bartender will shake a cocktail, I use a glass tea tumbler (sans filter). Firstly, I like to press the matcha through a strainer to avoid clumping. I simply add my requisite amount of matcha (about a tsp to heaping tsp) to about 4-6 ounces of not too hot water (about 165-175F) and shake vigorously. A vigorous shake for about 20 seconds results in a wonderful brew that once consumed (with honorable focus, of course) is super refreshing, delightfully tasty, and provides an instant feeling of well being and mental clarity.

We like to pour shots (double shots!) here at the bar and in the warehouse for a quick celebration and as an afternoon doldrums boost. It is truly one of the healthiest and simple things we can do for ourselves and others.

Other preparation methods include smoothies, matcha lattes, and dessert recipes, as well. There are a zillion suggestions and recipes on the internets so I encourage you to look around and discover what works for you.

For the numerous health benefits related to matcha, I will post a pt 2 soon.

Oh, in the meantime, for those of you who like trend reports, here is a new one related to US matcha trends.


Stay healthy, my friends.


- JL









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