A Time To Pause, Reflect, and Connect March 20, 2020

Dear Zhi Tea Friends & Family,

We hope in this time of uncertainty you are finding a moment of stillness to pause, reflect and connect with those you love.

You are in our thoughts as we remain vigilant in these trying times and therefore wanted to give you an update of how we are addressing the coronavirus as well as allow you to share your thoughts.

We will remain open for business as long as it remains safe to do so and have begun working towards helping you, our greatest asset, to continue enjoying the comforts of better times.

Specifically, our retail store remains open (for now) M-F 11-4, with no table service or tea service. Our warehouse is fully operational and we are shipping around the clock. Our website is open 24/7!

Given the need for most of us to participate in social distancing we will begin offering special shipping and sales promotions, news updates, and forum opportunities to better serve the community and bring us together virtually.

Let's start a dialogue; show us how you are enjoying your tea at home #zhitea on Instagram.

Please be assured, our products are and will continue to be safe to consume. We continue to adhere to the highest standards of food manufacturing and have remained vigilant in daily CDC and FDA mandates for hygiene with our staff and our facility.

As a final note, we encourage you to do your part in supporting local and independent businesses, family and friends who are feeling the financial strain of these uncertain times and let us know how we can better serve you and those around you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones and we wish you a healthy and prosperous future.


´╗┐The Zhi Team

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