Zhi Tea New Website July 01, 2009

Well, after months of hard work and perseverance, our new website is up and running! Not only that, but we are no longer chained to a hosting company with proprietary software, ridiculously expensive maintenance fees, and other ungodly things. But hey, that is the past, and now our site rests comfortably on open source Magento (kick ass) and we control every inch of its beauty. Loving it. While there is still a LOT to do in the site itself, it feels great.

The Tea Priestess has been doing all-nighters for awhile now and has just poured her love into the site and it shows. Her photos look better than ever and the layout is so sweet.

I have tons of text to still write, but hey, I love it, what can I say?

Thanks to everyone who helped test and launch the site. It’s time for celebration.

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