I heart Groupon October 01, 2009

I heart Groupon. I got a half price haircut at the place I already go to and love, Bird’s. I also got a half price box of fab organic produce from the awesomeness that is Greenling.
When they called me a few weeks ago I was totally skeptical. Why would I want to do this? And pay you for putting up some lame ad? It took a bit of discussion and investigation, but I realized that this was an example of the new marketplace and I better get with it. People pay en mass for a deep discount and have 6 months to use the coupon. It drives people to our store who may never otherwise have ventured, and rewards our fans, as well. BOOM.
So I did, and today we are watching the numbers go up for our “$10 for $20 worth of tea at the Zhi Tea Gallery” groupon. It is going at about 30 per hour now. Shockingly cool!
So I am anticipating yelling “100!!” really loudly in about an hour and a half at this rate.

Looking forward to the coincidentally timed Groupon launch party here in Austin tonight at the very nice Paggi House. I get to meet Morgan, the gal who gracefully walked me across the river of unknowing into the world of Groupon.

My initial guess was 146 sold today. I think we might even double that.

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