Giving Out Green Tea Gift Baskets December 09, 2011


Helping People Improve Their Immune System


When you give green tea gift baskets to people close to you, you are helping them improve their immune system. Researchers found that green tea contains a chemical called alkylamine, which is also found in bacteria, cancerous cells, and other agents that cause diseases. According to Jack F. Bukowski, an immunologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, their experiments found that a person who drinks green tea exposes his blood to alkalymine. Because of the exposure to green tea alkalymine, the immune cells in the body are able to easily recognize the real alkalymines that cause bacterial infections and other diseases, thus increasing their defensive response to fight the infection by a factor of five. Bukowski explained that the Alkylamines in green tea are weak and do not activate the first line of defense in our body called T-cells, but they alert them to be ready, and respond with an all out defense when a bacteria attacks.


Customize Your Green Tea Gift Baskets


Customizing your green tea gift baskets is a good idea. If the person is special and close to your heart, it is best for you to choose the award-winning and top rated green tea available. It is also great if you include a Perfect Tea Maker, tea timer, and teaware. You may also consider giving your loved one an Organic Green Tea Club. If you have questions about our tea gift basket or tea clubs, just call 1-888-944-4832.

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