Award Winning Red Teas December 14, 2011


Best Gifts for Tea Lovers


Choosing the best gifts for tea lovers can be challenging sometimes, especially if your recipients are knowledgeable about different types of teas. We all know that the most popular tea is the oolong green tea, because of its many health benefits backed by scientific research. Do you know that red teas also provide health benefits? If you haven’t heard, red tea is rich in magnesium, which is good in improving the nervous system. It also helps the body to absorb iron. Additionally, it helps people suffering from nervous tension and mild depression. You can wrap a basket full of award winning red tea from Zhi Tea. The tea lovers in your life will surely love it.



The Sweet Desert Delight

One of the Best Gifts for Tea Lovers


If a tea is considered a consumer’s choice and award winning, don’t doubt it. You can count that as one of the best gifts for tea lovers. Zhi Tea’s Signature Blend Sweet Desert Delight is highly popular among tea enthusiasts, because it provides a full-bodied and natural sweet taste, with a wonderful aroma that awakens the senses.


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