Confessions of an Oolong Loose Tea Drinker December 14, 2011


Alice told her friend that she loves tea, especially oolong loose tea. Her friend was surprised, and frankly told Alice that she couldn’t believe it. She knew that in the past, Alice couldn’t eat her meals without a can of soda. Alice admitted that she changed her eating habits because she became overweight, and her doctor adviced her to change her diet. She had a high risk of suffering from heart disease or diabetes. When she heard about the health benefits of oolong green tea, she tried and bought the loose leaf variety.  At first, she thought the taste was unusual, but later she became used to it. She also noted the improvement of her metabolism. She lost weight gradually, and now she is maintaining her desired weight. She confessed to her friend that before, she was wearing size 12 clothes. After drinking oolong loose tea and exercising regularly, she is now wearing a size 6. She said, “Oolong Loose Tea Makes me Happy and Healthy.”


Try Ginseng Oolong Loose Tea

The ginseng oolong lose tea is one of Zhi Tea’s artisan reserve, and it is very popular among our consumers. The tea leaves are organically grown and hand-crafted from Huang Shan, China and rolled with American Ginseng. It is effective in controlling obesity, and it’s ginseng component increases your endurance, stamina, energy, and your ability to cope stress. With ginseng oolong tea, your life will be stress free.


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