Can I purchase Tea Gift Baskets for Special Occasions? January 04, 2012


We offer a full set of tea gift baskets for any occasion.  We can even create a custom basket that only contains the specific items your recipient likes.  You can combine black tea with green in the same basket and include accessories such as the perfect tea maker and a timer to insure perfect steeping time.  Our gift baskets are priced based upon what they contain, so you will never be paying for something in a basket that no one wants and that will never be used.

I do not know that to get in my Tea Gift Baskets

If you are not sure that the person likes, then you can order one of our pre-packaged tea gift baskets.  These include the items that are most popular with our customers and also include samples of different teas.  You can choose which samples to include, which lets you introduce your friends and family to your favorite tea without wasting an entire order on an item they may not like.

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