Do you offer Gift Baskets for Tea Newbies? January 05, 2012


We have several different gift baskets, for tea newbies and veterans.  No matter how long you have been enjoying the flavors offered by tea, we can help you find the perfect basket for any occasion.  If you have any questions, or want to order a custom basket, which contains your favorite blends and teas, please call us at 888-944-4832.  One of our customer service agents will be happy to help you create the perfect gift for any occasion.

What are the Options for Gift Baskets with Tea?

We currently offer several different options for gift baskets with tea.  You can choose from a monthly tea club subscription, where you friend, or yourself, would receive a monthly order of our organic tea.  You can choose from herbal, white, black, green, exotic or oolong.  The other option is to choose a one-time gift basket that offers the teas you choose and the accessories to brew the perfect cup.

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