Is it better to purchase Tea Wholesale? January 10, 2012


Purchasing tea wholesale is reserved for people who want to act as a partner in our business.  Wholesale purchasers are clients who are going to sell the tea to another party.  This can include restaurants who want to offer our line of tea blends to customers or even health spas that offer the benefits of our herbal blends.  You can even own a small store and choose to carry our teas as part of an organic choice for your clients.

How do I purchase Tea Wholesale from your Company?

It is easy to become a wholesale distributor of our organic tea; all you have to do is complete the application online.  We can offer you tea wholesale for almost any business need.  You still get the same 100 percent money back guarantee as our other clients but you also get a higher discount with high volume order.  We also offer you full time customer service support.

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