5 Oolong Tea Recommendations to Get You Started July 09, 2012

Have you just recently developed a fondness for tea? Are you ready to venture away from the basics to appreciate a little more complex flavor? Oolong tea is a great place to start. Many people are under the impression that oolong is a flavor when in actuality it is a type of tea–a category that offers a multitude of exciting flavors.

Are you looking at the selection we have available here at Zhi Tea and feeling a little overwhelmed? Why not start with some of our top-recommended flavors?

Top-Rated Oolong Tea
Now keep in mind that just because a flavor of oolong tea is not rated at all or one person wasn’t overjoyed by it does not mean that it won’t become your favorite. These are simply some recommendations to get you started, in case you just don’t know where to begin.

  1. Frozen Summit Tung Tea – This fantastic tea was taken in April 2012 from a small artisan farm located in Nantou, Taiwan. Over several steepings, you will find that the perfect roasted flavor reveals itself more and more.
  2. Ginseng Oolong – Before drying the leaves, they were rolled with American ginseng. It was grown pesticide-free in China at 2,400 feet, and offers a subtle ginseng finish.
  3. Jade Mountain Yu Shan – This is a smooth tea you won’t be able to get enough of. Honeysuckle and floral notes are prevalent, but steep after steep, more flavors are revealed.
  4. Royal Courtesan – If you really want to treat yourself to an indulgence, you should satisfy your taste buds with this rare flavor. Wildflower notes and clover honey sweetness blend harmoniously for a deep and complex yet refined flavor.
  5. Aged Cooling 2004 – To enhance its already wonderful flavors, this 2004 Grade AA tea has been roasted or refired periodically. It is silky, warm, and fragrant, and certainly one that will impress your guests, if you choose to share.

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