Are You Serving the Same Boring Iced Tea as Every Other Restaurant? July 16, 2012

Most restaurants don’t really give much thought to the iced tea that they serve. This is pretty surprising considering statistics show that it is the most ordered beverage for spring and summer. If you are brewing tea from large tea bags or using syrup varieties from a gun, you may want to consider offering your patrons a little higher quality product.

Most restaurant owners and managers are not even aware that you can order quality teas at a wholesale level, but you certainly can! You probably take great pride in offering an exceptional roast of coffee, especially to the breakfast crowd; don’t your tea drinkers deserve the same? After all, tea is quickly becoming the new coffee, as the vast majority of the population looks for easy ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Iced Tea You Serve Can the Key to Your Success

Competition is stiff these days. Sure, you have exceptional food and fantastic service, but is there a WOW factor that makes you stand out from others? Is your restaurant name being brought up in conversation around the water cooler or at yoga later or at the spa on the weekend? When your patrons appreciate that you offer a high quality iced tea, it will! What a powerful yet effortless marketing tool a simple beverage can be!


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