Fashionably Tea August 23, 2012

 There’s nothing like high fashion to get a delicious beverage trending. Designer Marc Jacobs teamed up with The Landmark Oriental Hotel to offer an exclusive and luxurious tea experience inspired by Jacobs’ Lindy handbag.
It’s yet another example of the artistic nature of premium tea. We think Zhi’s organic Earl Grey Choice fair-trade tea would go great with the Lindy bag, but we’d hate to stop there! Tea, like fashion, is totally transformative; together, they’re practically unstoppable.

And we know the feeling of sipping your favorite summer iced tea as you lounge around the porch in late August in your seer-sucker dress or button-down. The combination of the perfect look and the perfect drink makes all the difference.

So, who is your favorite fashion designer, and which Zhi Tea best represents their brand? We’d love to hear all about your tea and fashion pairings!

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