Monday Mashup: Red Desert Delight October 08, 2012

Another Monday brings together some of Zhi Tea’s signature blends to create a unique new mix. This time, we’ve toned down the sweeter notes of Sweet Desert Delight with a straight Red Rooibos, to make what we’d describe as a more subdued sensation of the coconut, cacao, anise, cinnamon, safflowers and stevia flavors of the original herbal tea.

We combined the two teas at about a 1:1 ratio, and enjoyed the resulting beverage piping hot. For those who prefer a more traditional taste, with less of that sugary enhancement, Red Desert Delight is a great way to enjoy the enticing flavors of this complex rooibos.

Since both of these teas are of the rooibos variety, you can steep them in the same infuser, saving a bit of effort and leaving you with just one pot to clean. With some of our other Monday Mashups, in which we mix together a rooibos and a black tea, for instance, we brew each one separately and combine them just before serving so they can both steep for the necessary amount of time.



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