Master Healer Blend

$ 28.00


Recent acquisitions from this Fall's trip to Taiwan. Extremely limited quantities.

Fujian Wild Tea 2010 $20/oz unique Chinese red tea, soft, elegant, mysterious Old Man Tung Ting autumn 2012 $17.50/oz phenomenal, deep roast, forever steeps, sinks into you Wen Shan Bao Zhong autumn 2012 $15/oz exquisite, very patient tea (many steeps) Aged Oolong Taiwan 2011 $12.50/oz "aged" but only a year old. Really nice dark roast, great depth and complexity Master Healer Blend 2007/20011 $14/oz two parts Hunan dark tea to one part charcoal roast oolong. Wicked good! High Mountain Oolong - Ali Shan autumn 2012 $10/oz Very nice batch, sweet and aromatic. Musty 1983 Taiwan Oolong 1983 $22.50/oz Odd, musty, possibly improperly stored at some point, but great. Let soak in bowl for 20 minutes, keep resteeping. Pu-erh Chunks 2011 $10/oz Excellent, smooth 2011 raw puerh. I am selling chunks off of a broken cake. Yunan. Brandy Oolong 2012 $8/oz A new kind of tea. Very highly oxidized, complex, uplifting, clean. Taiwan