Tebi Gu-Yi The Warrior Teapot - NEW!

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The unique Gu-Yi Teapot has a hidden spout at the base of the pot. Using a single hole at the top of the pot to manipulate the function, one simply needs to place their finger over the hole to stop tea from flowing out; let go and tea will flow straight down into a cup or tea server. 

The simple appearance and easy use of the Warrior Gu-Yi teapot set makes this the most popular set in the Gu-Yi series. The Warrior set includes a Gu-Yi teapot, tea server, and a drying rack. The outline of the teapot’s body takes its shape from the ancient warrior’s helmet. The warrior’s shield then becomes the handle of the teapot with a traditional pattern embellished into the surface to prevent slipping. The words on the drying rack compose a poem, no matter which character you start reading from. Each composition provides a different and amusing lyric each time you use the Warrior. Let this set bring you a new sense of joy with each pour with the Warrior Gu-Yi teapot.

Teapot : 3.5 x 3.5 x 5.25; 5.25 fl oz ; 10.8 oz
Tea server : 3.75 x 3.75; 3.75; 7.9 fl oz ; 6.1 oz