Golden Leaf Pu-erh Vol I : Shimmering Forest - 2014 Ripe Pu-erh

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 This authentic shou Pu-erh, from Menghai, China, has been selected as Volume 1 in our limited editions pu-erh series. It has been thoughtfully titled "Shimmering Forest" for it's exquisite flavor, noticeable mouth-feel and energetic qualities. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Zhi partnered with a dear friend of ours who has a company called Golden Leaf that produces esoteric goods of several kinds. 

There are Very Few of these cakes left. Great, sweet, thick, substantive with a lot of structure. Has aged well over the last five years.

This is Te Ji grade leaf which is slightly larger than Gong Ting grade (the smallest leaf grade). The tea is the result of a wet pile batch done in Menghai using only Menghai area tea leaves. It's a tippy grade Te Ji and the taste is creamy, smooth, along with a thick heavy bite that sticks around in the mouth.  This is the classic Menghai taste here.  Medium level of fermentation preserved the original taste. The tell-tale taste and feel of sheng pu-erh can still be found here, but at the same time there is something smooth and comforting in this tea.

Steeping Instructions:

Hint: Shorter steep time for more sweetness.

Gaiwan or Yi Xing Pot: (recommended) 

Put about 5g or 2 tsp buds into heated vessel;

Pour 200 degree water into vessel. Brew for 20 seconds for the first brewing, 10 for second, add about five seconds for each subsequent brewing.

Western Style:

One heaping tsp per 12 oz cup, or one Tbsp per 24 oz pot

205 degree water

Steep for 2-3 minutes or to taste. Should be steeped multiple times