October Single Origin Sample Pack

$ 11.95 $ 14.85  


October is Black Tea Month and to celebrate we've put together two special sampler packs, just for this month! Not only is this a fantastic way to see how easily our teas can fit into your morning routine, additionally each pack comes with a promotional code to get 20% off larger amounts of the teas in the pack!

This sample pack contains three of our favorite unflavored black teas, each from a different tea growing region. 

Our Kagoshima Black Tea comes to us from Japan; a rarity from a region normally known for their green teas. This tea takes the smooth silky quality of those green teas and combines it with the bold caramel flavors of black tea. 

From across the sea, our Keemun Mao Feng shines as a classic example of Chinese Black teas. It features those same caramel flavors, but takes a more graceful approach focusing on the subtle woodsy aromatics. 

Perhaps the black tea you think of, our hearty Assam Breakfast represents India in this sample pack. Also found as the backbone of many blends, the more robust Assamica leaf provides a strong flavor that can stand up to milk, but by no means requires it.

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