October Flavored Sample Pack

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October is Black Tea Month and to celebrate we've put together two special sampler packs, just for this month! This a fantastic way to see how easily our teas can fit into your morning routine.

This sample pack contains three of our favorite flavored black teas, each with a different story to tell.

Of all the teas in this pack, our Lapsang Souchong has the oldest tradition tied to it. Merchants originally exported this tea to Russia, and to prevent spoilage they would dry the tea over their campfires at night, accidentally creating a very flavorful, smokey tea.

More of a new spin on an old classic, our Cacao Chai combines the rich spice of traditional Indian Chai with those dark chocolate flavors we know you love.

One of our tea blending wizards cooked up the Violet Femme one night by combining our great black teas with dried lavender, vanilla and bergamot oils, and blue cornflowers to create a fantastic new classic. Similar to a classic Earl Grey but with a personality all her own.

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